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Outsourced Transport Management

Outsourced Transport Management

If you’re operating HGVs in the UK or internationally, you need a Transport Manager.


Finding a good Transport Manager for your business can be difficult – and they can be expensive – but if you hold a Standard National or International Operator Licence, you are required to have a nominated Transport Manager with a genuine link to your business.

Flexible Transport management for HGV Operators


Depending on the size of your operation, you may not need a full-time Transport Manager to join your team. Hurst Transport Services offers a flexible, outsourced solution to ensuring that you meet your Operator Licence requirements with access to a qualified, experienced Transport Manager available at a set monthly cost.

One of our qualified Transport Managers becomes your Transport Manager. They’ll work with you to ensure your entire transport operations are managed properly, comply with your HGV operators’ license and make sure you’re business is meeting all of its legal obligations.

Your Transport Manager Keeps Your Business on the Road


Having a competent, qualified Transport Manager with the experience and knowhow to run a transport operation means your fleet is on the road and earning your money. With 12 years in road haulage operations across the UK, we have the right knowledge and skills to deliver for you.

When you outsource your transport management to Hurst Transport Services, you get a dedicated direct line to your Transport Manager as well as a weekly site visit. We want you to feel supported and benefit from having a professional Transport Manager for your business.

SilkThread: Compliance at Your Fingertips


As part of your outsourced transport management, you’ll get access to SilkThread, the transport industry’s leading compliance software.

SilkThread helps you manage and demonstrate your compliance with an easy-to-use dashboard giving you a simple overview of how your business is performing its duties.

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