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Licensing Compliance

Licensing Compliance

Applying for your Operator Licence is stressful – let us take some of that hassle away.


We understand that it can be a stressful time applying for your Operator Licence. What’s more is that over time, your business will grow and so your transport operations will change. Hurst Transport Services are able to advise and support you at every stage.

Transport Operator Licence Application Process


We can support you from the very first steps of your application, helping you meet the license requirements and complete the application. When you apply for your Operator Licence, you are required to advertise your Operating Centre, complete maintenance contracts and appoint a Transport Manager.

Once you are ready to grow, we will advise you on how to make Operator Licence variations – including major or minor changes – and assist you with changes such as margin increases, opening additional Operating Centres and other licensing matters such as upgrading from restricted to standard licenses.

We Keep Your Transport Operator Business on the Road

Hurst Transport Services can assist you in a number of ways:

  • Meet with you to establish your requirements
  • Complete the paperwork or online application correctly
  • Help to source a Transport Manager – or offer an outsourced Transport Manager
  • Arrange for the advertisement of the Operating Licence application in the correct publication
  • Gather any of the required evidence (finance, landlord permissions, etc)
  • Send all requested documentation to the Traffic Commissioner
  • Be available to support and advise throughout the application process

We have proven experience at successfully completing both initial applications and major/minor variations for Operator Licenses. It’s important to get these applications right; often, the advertisement of the application can be more costly than the application itself.

You may also find the process particularly time consuming. To minimise disruption and to prevent delays in the application process, it is essential that the application is correct first time.

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